Welcome to Vegan Tattoo Education

Thanks for swinging by. Here you'll find a good amount of information about how to have a vegan tattoo process. I have listed some of the best tattoo inks you can use for your next tattoo session that have no animal ingredients and are cruelty free. I have also listed after care products you can buy online. As well as products you can buy in stores.

What is a Vegan Tattoo?
Getting a tattoo done with ink and after care products that have no animal ingredients and that are animal cruelty free.

Why should i get mt tattoo done the vegan way?
This is a very good question. You dont have to if your not vegan but even if your not vegan you can do it the vegan way to get better results!

Your kidding me right?!, How can a vegan tattoo give me better results?
Thats another good question that i will gladly answer. First of, Lets start with the basics. Did you know petroleum jelly and petroleum based products that have animal ingredients suck out the tattoo ink, The beautiful color it originally should have had?! And sometimes even contain extra harmful chemicals! Exactly! With vegan products, you will never have to worry about this cause it does not contain it. Vegan Aftercare products will give you better results because the fact is that these products contain all the natural ingredients your skin & tattoo needs to heal faster and properly giving you all the goodness out of your tattoo.
Believe it or not even the toughest tattoo shops use these products because they simply are better and shops that dont know are switching it up for these better results & of course for a happier inked customer!

I know you might have heard from people that there's no F**king way thats true. Well whoever told you that is wrong! there is such thing as vegan inks and vegan after care products.

Please enjoy!