About Vegan Tattoo Education

Vegan Tattoo Education was blogged by Victoria Islas PKA Tori Black. A Songwriter and tattoo enthusiast. Myspace.com/toriblack

I remember waking up one day when i was 16 and wanting a tattoo. My mother always thought id change my mind OR not go through with it cause of the fact that a big percentage of people in the U.S. still think badly about tattoos. I love my mom very much but up till this day we both have different thoughts & opinions which is normal cause were only human. My mind was set at "No one will stop me from getting a tattoo" so when i turned 18 i was with a professional tattooist getting my first tattoo.Since then Ive been getting tattoos done every time i get enough to pay for one.I hope to own a pair of arm, back, chest , and neck sleeves. I decided to write a blog about how to make your tattoo heal safely , quicker , and better. I want to help educate those who dont know much about aftercare or even help with better understanding what goes on during the time your getting your tattoo .I've mentioned before you dont need to be vegan to do the vegan tattoo aftercare process.Although every aftercare is a good form in my opinion the vegan aftercare process is better then the typical aftercare instructions you'll get. It is an absolute new & better way to care for your new tattoo or next tattoo. So ask yourself "Do i want my tattoo to feel,heal, and look good faster with better results"?