Vegan Tat Care Instructions

When you get your tattoo make sure your tattoo artist is willing to use your vegan products for the tattoo process. Don't be Afraid to ask questions most tattoo artist are super awesome. Don't judge to quickly. Ask them what inks there using. If the inks there using do not appear on the list i provided you its most likely the ink contains animal ingredients. If they dont have the ink in the list make sure to purchase the colors you want from one of the vegan tattoo ink companies i listed.The websites are right below the company name.

Some tattoo artist will use A&D or Petroleum to soften the skin during the tattooing and this will help you a lot cause it makes your tattoo experience less painful. Please be advised that these products have animal ingredients and if your vegan you wouldn't want them using it on you. So ask your tattoo artist if he/she is willing to use your BLACK CAT SALVE as an alternative to A&D or Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline). ( Black Cat salve is on of the best alternatives out there)

Another two things they will use during the process is green soap and alcohol. There both vegan so no worries. Green soap and alcohol are used to prep the skin before the tattooing. This is a must if your at a professional tattoo shop. Getting your skin cleaned will help prevent infections. Always remember to ask your tattoo artist if you can see the packaged sterilized needles they will be using for your tat session, Most of the time the tattoo artist will show you and clarify that with you before they set up there tattoo guns. Green Soap is also used to transfer the stencil/ design onto your skin. This helps your tattoo artist by using the stencil as reference while tattooing. Some tattoo artist are using a new method where they will use stencil transfer solutions. I still have to research that stuff in depth but so far I know that Stencil Pro Is Vegan! So your clear if your artist is using stencil pro for stencil transferring.

Finally the Tattoo Care Instructions:
(i have listed many vegan aftercare products on my site, check em out)
1. Once your tattoo is wrapped, Let it be for 4-5 Hrs.
2. Wash your tattoo with vegan soap at least 4-5 times a day.
3. When your done washing, Pat dry with paper towels.(avoid using towels).
4. Once finished and dry use a healing balm/salve. Not to much, Not to little. Just in between.
5. After 1 week , your tattoo will get flaky and will start to heal up. Start using some lotion instead of the balm/salve by this time. If you feel your tat still needs a bit more healing go ahead and use balm/salve for a few more days.

6. TIP: Your tattoo will get itchy. Don't scratch or peel it unless you want your tattoo scarred.
7. TIP: Don't dip and soak your tattoo.No swimming anywhere. No Baths.
8. TIP: Avoid sunlight when its healing & Always wear sunscreen once your tattoo is healed. It will keep your tattoo color lively.
9. Try your best to avoid any harsh chemicals. For example: spraying air freshener in the air Or spraying perfume/body spray on yourself and letting it fall onto your tattoo. Avoid this as much as you can.
10. When taking your shower dont let the water hit on your tattoo.
instead rinse your tattoo with your clean hand away from the shower head.